Temp Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos are a fun addition to any party or event. It’s great for guests of all ages as long as they can sit still for the few minutes it takes to apply. You can mix and match or just pick one! Different tattoos are fit for different types of parties and guests.

You can choose either of these options!

Airbrush Tattoos

Popular at fairs, festivals and amusement parks airbrush tattoos come very close to looking like real tattoos and are hit with all age groups. Application is very simple with an airbrush gun filled with alcohol based paint and a stencil. Lasts up to a week even when wet! They’re perfect for large crowds and parties.

To remove just scrub after soaking in warm water with soap and water.

Might not be ideal for a toddler party because they airbrush guns resembles a needle gun and tend to have an aversion towards it.


Glitter Tattoos

Flashy, shiny and fun for all involved. Glitter tattoos are the rave of princess parties but perfect for all kinds of parties and crowds especially children. An easy application with just a stencil, cosmetic glitter that is safe for skin and FDA approved adhesives. With multiple design options to choose from like, dragons, flowers, crossbones, hearts, etc, it’s a fun option for all kids.

Glitter Tattoos last up till 5 days! To remove just soak with soap and water and scrub. Or rub off with rubbing alcohol.

It’s not your best option if you’re looking for something more realistic in the realm of temp tattoos.

Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are what you want if you’re looking for realistic looking tattoos but with more options for intricate designs. Applied with a cone filled with henna paste, your artist will free hand draw beautiful designs on the skin. The paste takes up to 30 mins to dry, until then, you can’t touch or smudge it! The paste can be flaked off after it’s dry to reveal your beautiful deep reddish design on the skin. The longer you keep the paste on the deeper the ink is absorbed under the top layer of the skin for longer lasting designs.

We only used plant based pasted from verified manufactures. Your henna tattoo can last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks! It’s the longest lasting tattoo we offer, there isn’t really anyway to take it off earlier, you just have to let it fade.

Not for you if your guests are planing on getting wet after application, or they’re for toddlers who won’t be able to stay still long enough for the paste to dry.