30 Minute Mascot Meet + Greet

Add a 30min mascot visit to any party you’re having! When you add party characters to a face painting or balloon twisting package, you can cut the price of your visit by 2/3! Here’s how:

  • For all character visits, each billing hour pays for office and storage space, this website and utilities, office labor time, and a ton of overhead…. not to mention the artist or actor’s wages, gas, the mascot itself… it adds up quick!
  • All parties have a 2hr minimum to cover this overhead. All other mascot companies also have a time or money minimum, even for rentals.
  • When you add a mascot visit on top of any other party, either to meet the 2hr minimum or on top of it, you save big–each 30min mascot is only $75, as opposed to by itself at $300. (And we’ve never seen ANY company offer lower than $150, even for a cheap nightmare-fuel mascot.)

To upgrade cheaply, you can add 1 mascot to visit per 30min for $75 for every artist you hire.

  • One face painter can “leave” the party and come back as your child’s favorite character!
  • A face painter and a balloon twister can “leave” together, and come back as a famous duo!

Just ask to add a mascot and get your quote today!

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